Staff and Advisory board


Manon van der Heijden, Director of the project:





Marion Pluskota, Co-director and Post-doc researcher: Crime differences in gender and concepts of public roles in 19th century Europe :



Ariadne Schmidt,  Senior researcher: Crime and gender before the courts of the Netherlands: 1600-1800:





Jaco ZuijderduinSenior researcher: Crime and gender before the courts of England and the Netherlands: 1600-1800:





Jeannette Kamp MA, PhD: Crime and gender in Frankfurt am Main, 1600-1806:





Sanne Muurling MA, PhD: Crime and Gender in Bologna, 1600-1796:





Clare Wilkinson MA, PhD: Gender and violence in Dutch newspaper crime reporting, 1870-1939.






Jiayi Xin MA, PhD: Female crime and punishment in the Qing dynasty






       Marian Weevers Women and the State Labour Institution in the      Netherlands 1886-1934 

Research assistant: Bjørn Gallée.


Advisory Board

Prof. Clive Emsley (Open University of England); Prof. Joachim Eibach (University of Bern, Switzerland); Prof. Gerd Schwerhoff (University of Dresden, Germany); Prof. dr. Cesarina Casanova (University of Bologna, Italy);Prof. Pieter Spierenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands); Prof.dr. Nicholas Terpstra (University of Toronto, Canada).