Crime and gender before the courts of England and the Netherlands: 1600-1800

Dr. Ariadne Schmidt

This project compares the gendered crime patterns in the records of different types of courts in England and the Netherlands during the early modern period.

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 Gender differences in crime and prosecution policies in 19th century Europe

Dr. Marion Pluskota

This project examines gender differences in recorded crime,  changing concepts of crime and gender and the role of prosecution policies in England (London area), France (Le Havre), the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Italy (Bologna) in the 19th century.

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 Crime and Gender in Bologna, 1600-1796

Sanne Muurling, MA

This project examines the criminal court records of Bologna, Italy (1600-1796).

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 Crime and gender in Frankfurt am Main, 1600-1806

Jeannette Kamp, MA

This project examines the criminal court records of Frankfurt am Main, Germany (1600-1806).

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Gender and violence in Dutch newspaper crime reporting, 1870-1939

Clare Wilkinson, MA

This project examines changing attitudes to gender in the reporting by Dutch newspapers of sex crimes and violence in the family (1870-1939).